BlueWi Microphone for Use With Captures App (BW-NTX5000 EB Captures)



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The BlueWi Microphone with CAPTURES APP is an essential tool for journalists, students, home movies & YouTube videographers. Designed to capture sound directly from the source, the BlueWi Microphone utilizes Bluetooth® technology to wirelessly accompany audio to your smartphone video. Users can clip the microphone to their own body, the interview subject, or capture audio from up to 100 feet away (line of site).The CAPTURES Audio/Video Recording App delivers many enhanced features: Recording log, Record button, Stop button, Recording counter, Audio meter, Audio/Video select, Flash light, Forward facing camera, Zoom, Speaker select & volume control. All day App operations on a single charge. Talk time 12 hrs. / Standby: 150 hrs. Can be used with any cellular provider.

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