Company Overview

The Ear Phone Connection (EPC) is a privately owned corporation capitalizing on various national markets including (but not limited to) public safety, government and consumer electronics.  The Ear Phone Connections achievements and experience make it an innovator and leader in the marketplace of ear phone accessories.

Principal owner Ruben Scheimberg began The Ear Phone Connection in 1997.  Ruben’s background in film and audio had earned him the opportunity to work on the show “COPS” where he observed deficiencies in audio and safety within law enforcement.  This allowed him to build on solutions that support law enforcement and public safety. With this new technology Ruben then started his new venture through a new subsidiary called “BlueWi”.  BlueWi’s Nighthawk started with the opportunity to support cell phone users above and beyond the classic Bluetooth ear piece.  The Nighthawk multi-function Bluetooth microphone provides more than double the talk time, up to 12 hour.  Also allowing for ear relief the Nighthawk is worn on the lapel along with our “Connect and Go” ear pieces.  Pairing up with smart phones, BlueWi added a free recording app downloadable from the BlueWi website.  The app allows users to record audio and video from 40 feet away.  In addition the Nighthawk provides an MP3 audio controller.   This has grown into other markets such as video production, motorcycle use, sports and entertainment.

We are intimately involved with the design, quality and service that go into every BlueWi product.  The Nighthawk is BlueWi’s premier product focused on Bluetooth communication through our lapel microphone.  The Nighthawk multifunctional capability is paving ways to other products including; The Pro Series that is our a duplex system, The MotoHead providing motorcyclist hands-free communication as well as the Cyc and Airhead carved out for the sports enthusiast.  In addition we offer a wide range of audio accessories including; Throat, Bone Conduction, Surveillance, Speaker and Noise Cancellation Microphones.  We also offer Wireless push-to-talk systems, listen only earphones and various other earphone accessories.

We also offer Wireless push-to-talk systems, listen only earphones and various other earphone accessories.

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